Tubular Type

AVK Group LLC brings to you a product line of tubular diesel hammers. The hammers are availiable with air and water cooling options.

Tubular diesel pile hammers are used for driving into the ground reinforced concrete, metal, wooden and sheet piles, both vertically and at an angle.

The construction equipment is used in civil, industrial and road construction for building foundations and supporting platforms for bridges, dams, naval docks, support walls and other constructions.

The hammer is selected according to a required purpose, as there are different weights of impact block: light (up to 2.5 tons), medium (up to 10 tons), heavy (up to 32 tons) and superpower (over 40 tons).


Light kick-atomizing diesel hammers are used for driving ferroconcrete, metal, wooden and steel sheet piles.

The rigs are used for construction of foundations and supports in power engineering, oil and gas industries, industrial and civil construction.

We'll pick for you the diesel hammer with specific weight depending on the type of work. Base machine is a huge factor in selecting the hammer as well. Hammers in this section are used with pile masts for excavators and cranes, as well as all modifications of Russian rigs СП-49 and other brands, such as УГМК, БМ, etc.

Diesel hammers are attached to a guide using a hook for raising and lowering the hammer, and a pile driver's winch, attached to the rope.

D-12 D-16 D-19 D-25
Striking Part Weight, kg
1280 1600 1820 2500
Max. Strike Force, kJ
46 53 66 90
Strikes Per Minute
35-52 36-52 35-42 35-52
Max. Slope Angle While Driving Pile
1:2 1:3 1:3 1:3
Max. Pile Weight, kg
5000 5000 6600 7500
Fuel Consumption, l/h
4.5 5.5 7.5 8
Oil Consumption, l/h
0.5 1 0.6 1
Fuel Tank Capacity, l 24 32 32 67
Oil Tank Capacity, l
6.5 9 9 19
Length, mm 4770 4730 4865 5450
Weight, kg 2735 3250 3550 5330
Light фото №1 Light фото №2 Light фото №3 Light фото №4 Light фото №5 Light фото №6

Advantages of our tubular hammers:

  1. 1. All equipment includes an air cooling system; cylinders made from cast iron, providing efficient heat dissipation at high temperatures and doesn't overheat. During work at low temperatures (up to -40°С) there's no need to drain and refill water in coolant tanks.
  2. 2. Hammers include fuel pumps with an option of regulating fuel delivery. It allows for choosing between minimum and maximum energy of the impact, as well as easier start without extra tools at low temperatures (up to -30°С).
  3. 3. Anvil block is made of chrome steel, piston - from cast iron with increased durability. This guarantees that parameters of the hammer will stay persistent even after 3-5 years of work.
  4. 4. The bearings are specially made for driving piles at an angle from 11° to 45° (depending on the model).
  5. 5. The hammers can be attached to pile drivers as well as base machines (such as crawler cranes) using a special cage.

Advantages of the tubular pile hammers over guide rod type:

  1. - Assuming that height and weight of impact block is the same, tubular hammers are 1.5 times more powerful.
  2. - The ratio between weights of impact block and pile for tubular hammers is 0.5-0.7, for guide rod hammers - 1.25.
  3. - Lack of top beam means that kick-atomizing hammer cannot break due to excessive lifting of impact block during work.
  4. - High wear resistance.
  5. - Less frequent maintenance and replacement of the parts.
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