Why are we better?
All of our equipment passes a presale preparation and inspected using test benches, depending on the complexity

Direct contracts with manufacturers protect our customers from dealing with "gray" market and middlemen

Full control of the entire process of shipping the equipment: from producing to delivering to the customer's construction object
Specialists in our company have more than 10 years of experience in successful shipping, production and operating the construction equipment
Organizing visits to the manufacturer's factories for familiarisation with a process of production.

Supervision work, warranty and after-sales service for the equipment. Performing maintenance, diagnostics and repair. Helping with sales of the equipment in your construction equipment fleet
Designing and production of: pile masts for excavators and cranes, drilling equipment, pile caps for diesel and hydraulic pile hammers
Selection of equipment according to your needs and planned work. If you are interested in the maximum benefit - you are in the right place
Assistance in delivering goods from abroad, customs clearance and starting up your new machinery
А. V. K.
We are dealing with shipping and selling of special construction machinery for foundation engineering in any volumes and minimal time frame. "AVK Group" will provide you personalised terms of sale and vest price for an equipment from China, Korea and Europe, depending on your purchase volume and type of purchased goods. Modern and professional service for our merchandise and certificates from manufacturer factories will guarantee you the long-lasting and uninterrupted work with our equipment. Our production will help you with any ideas and tasks.
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