Pile Drivers

Pile driver is the construction machine for setting up piles for work and driving them into the ground using pile hammers.

There are several types of the pile drivers, including ones designed for different hammers: steam, mechanical, hydraulic and diesel hammers.

Main paramteters of the pile driver typically are: height, which affects maximum length of the driven pile, and weight of the impact block.

Pile Drivers

We are bringing to your attention the pile drivers for driving 12-16 m long solid piles.

The pile drivers are capable of using diesel and hydraulic hammers for driving steel pipes, reinforced concrete and sheet piles, etc.

Pile driver K-12A is driving up to 12 m long solid piles. It's an cost-effective choice for your constrution project.

Main difference of the KM-60A model is the ability to perform several functions using the same base machine:

  1. 1. Driving solid piles with height of 16 meters and diameter of 500 mm;
  2. 2. Using kelly bar for drilling to a depth of 60 m, 1500 mm in diameter;
  3. 3. Using rotary motor for pilot drilling to a depth of 12 m, 300 mm in diameter;
  4. 4. Using a CFA drilling method to a depth of 16.5 m, 800 mm in diameter.

Assembly and disassembly of the machine on a construction site will only take 1-2 hours depending on the complexity of the equipment.


LH-40 JVUR50 LH-50 KM-60А
Solid pile length, m 12 15 16 16
Hydraulic hammer striking part (kg) 4 000 3 000 5 000 5 000
Diesel rod hammer striking part (kg) 3 500 3 500 4 500 4 500
Diesel pipe hammer striking part (kg) 3 000 3 600 4 600 4 600
Hydraulic rotary motor usage - no - yes
CFA usage - no - yes
Kelly bar usage - no - yes
Mast angle, deg. 3.5 3 3.5 5
Performance, l/min 456 456 470
Power, kWр 112 112 133 186
Track width, mm 800 700 800 800
Crawler width, mm 3 180 3 190 3200 / 4200 3000 / 4300
Transpot dimensions, mm 13800х3180х3100 16180х3190х3290 16500х3200х3550 14250х3000х3313
Base weight, t 34.5 29 41 33
Total weight, t 42 44 49.5 49
Pile Drivers фото №1 Pile Drivers фото №2 Pile Drivers фото №3 Pile Drivers фото №4 Pile Drivers фото №5 Pile Drivers фото №6
High Capacity Pile Drivers
Mini Pile Drivers

Mobile pile drivers are essentially a towering machine, 15-32 m in height, depending on the length of driven piles.

Base of the pile driver is a horizontal frame with an undercarriage. Upper part contains winches for ropes used for controlling pile and hammer positions.

Guides for controlling the hammer movement are located on the front part of the machine.

Uiversal pile driving machines allow for setting up tower at a verticlal angle up to 15°, rotating it horizontally to 360° and moving in two perpendicular directions.

Pile drivers are classified by the movement type: walking, crawler, wheeled, on a rail track, on a platform.

As a base platform for the pile driver following machines may be used: specialized platform, excavator with a single bucket, crawler or wheeled crane, tractor, pipelayer or a general-purpose truck.

For work pile driver uses a hydraulic or diesel pile hammer with impact block weight from 240 to 12 800 kg, depending on type and power of the base machine.

There's a possibility of outfitting an excavator or crane with a pile mast, allowing it to serve as a pile driver for a small volume of work.

To change a direction of the guide, as well as a position of the driven pile, a hydraulic cylinder is used. It's located in lower part of the guilde or excavator arm.

Driving piles into the hard or frozen ground requires drilling of the guide well in advance. After the drilling, the well may be used for further pile driving.

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