To replace old methods of pile cropping we introduce a new, more effective tool with higher working speed and lack of harmful effects for personnel and surrounding area.

Pilebreakers work three times faster compared to old methods when used with square piles, and more than five times faster with round piles, while not requiring manual work.

Square Pile

The pilebreakers are mostly attached to smaller excavators. Small weight of the pilebreaker allows it to work with 7 t and heavier excavators.

Pilebreaker will allow you to cut square piles with section from 250 to 500 mm.

Optimal pilebreaker КР400А is able to work with most piles used in Russia, including ones with sections: 300, 350 and 400 mm.

Charactristic КР400А КР450А КР500А
Pile Section, mm 250 — 400 350 — 450 400 — 500
Max. Pressure, bar 340 340 340
Hydraulic Flow, l/min 20 20 20
Performance, piles per 8 hours 160 180 200
Section Level, mm 300 300 300
Dimensions, mm 1440х1440х1500 1490х1490х1500 1588х1588х1500
Weight, kg 600 650 920
Min. Excavator Weight, t 7 8 10
Square pile (Kibbler)
Round Pile

AVK Group, LLC. can deliver the machinery to your construction site, assemble and teach your personnel to work with it and will provide maintenance services and consumable materials.

We are offering affordable pilebreakers directly from the manufacturer: Chinese company Tysim Piling Equipment Co., Ltd. You can visit the factory and observe production process, as well as learn to work with the equipment.

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