Pile Caps

We are producing pile caps, hammer clamps for pile masts, cages for diesel hammers and other parts for flawless work of your pile driving and drilling machines.

Choosing a pile cap

Pile caps and safety plates should be used on all piles and selected depending on used piling material. They distribute the strike energy evenly across the top surface of a pile, protecting it from damage.

Pile cap must be selected depending on the strike energy and pile size. It's acceptable to use pile caps with thin base on a wide pile. But piles and pipes with hollow top part require a pile cap with thick base as it has a much lower area for abosrbing the strike energy.

Pile cap should have a 7-10 mm gap to ensure its freedom of movement. If the pile cap is set too tight, the pile may be damaged due to deviation of pile cap from guide rod.

Pile Caps

We are offering the production and shipping of pile caps for hammers of any manufacturer. Producing is possible using your drawings or specific requirements.

Pile caps are availiable on our factory, for any hammer type. Accepting orders with minimum amount of pile caps: 3-4 pcs.

Combined Pile Cap is a single pile cap, which allows you to drive several sizes of steel pipes.

Pile Cages are a special equipment for diesel hammers. Required for driving piles using crawler cranes.

Production Hydraulic Hammers Diesel Guide Rod Hammers Diesel Tubular Hammers
Welded Pile Caps + + +
Cast Pile Caps + + +
Pile Caps for Reinforced Concrete Piles + + +
Pile Caps for Pipes + + +
Pile Caps for Electrotechnical Piles + + +
Pile Caps for Sheet Piles + + +
Combined Pile Caps + + +
Cages - - +
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