Pile Pressing Machinery

JVY series of hydraulic pile pressing machines are made in China by CHTC JOVE corporation - one of the largest Chinese manufacturers.

JVY series includes 13 machines with pressing force from 60 to 1280 tons.

Additionally we provide an option of outfitting base pile pressing machines with drilling equipment. It may be attached to a central or side parts of the frame, depending on your preferences. This will allow you to conduct drilling work without acquiring additional machinery.


Pile Pressing Machines in this category are smaller than usual models and capable of work in narrow urban areas.

The most popular model in Russia is JVY-240A. This machine will provide optimal pile driving capabilities for constructing residential, storage and small industrial buildings.

The machinery is able ro drive piles with any section size on the market, as well as electrical piles without specialized pile cap.

Unlike other pile driving rigs, driven piles are not affected by strikes, allowing them and the pile caps to stay intact.

Parameter JVY128A JVY208A JVY268A JVY368A JVY468A
Max. Pressing Force, kN
1 280 2 080 2 680 3 680 4 680
Pile Pressing Speed, m/min
1.9 — 6.9 1.3 — 8.9 0.9 — 6.9 1.1 — 6.8 0.9 — 6.1
Pressing Flow, m
1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.8
Vertical Movement Flow, m
1.6 2.2 3
3 3.6
Horizontal Movement Flow, m 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.6 0.6
Square and Round Piles, mm 200 — 350 200 — 400 300 — 500 300 — 500 300 — 600
Max. Pile Length, m
13 13 14 14 14
Crane Carrying Capacity, t 8 8 12 12 12
Base Machine Power, kW
45 45 45 45 45
Machine Length, mm
8 000 10 000 10 500
12 000 12 000
Machine Width, mm
4 110 4 880 6 310 6 488 7 320
Machine Height (Transport), mm 3 250 3 300 3 176 3 146 3 146
Total Weight, t
45 68 90 119
Total Weight With Counterweights, t 130 210 270 370 470
JOVE CHTC фото №1 JOVE CHTC фото №2 JOVE CHTC фото №3 JOVE CHTC фото №4 JOVE CHTC фото №5 JOVE CHTC фото №6 JOVE CHTC фото №7 JOVE CHTC фото №8 JOVE CHTC фото №9 JOVE CHTC фото №10 JOVE CHTC фото №11 JOVE CHTC фото №12 JOVE CHTC фото №13 JOVE CHTC фото №14 JOVE CHTC фото №15 JOVE CHTC фото №16 JOVE CHTC фото №17 JOVE CHTC фото №18 JOVE CHTC фото №19 JOVE CHTC фото №20 JOVE CHTC фото №21 JOVE CHTC фото №22 JOVE CHTC фото №23 JOVE CHTC фото №24 JOVE CHTC фото №25 JOVE CHTC фото №26

The machines are made using only high-quality materials and parts, utilizes unique hydraulic technologies and material refining methods, ensuring high reliability of the hydraulic system. Manufacturer can provide a machine with individual design for the client.

Hydrostatic walking machines includes key characteristics of the pile pressing machines: lack of dynamic loads, high efficiency, energy savings, environmental safety, etc.

Pile pressing machines are a new environmentally friendly construction equipment for driving piles of any difficulty. Manufacturers of the machines received several national patents in their home country, allowing them to be considered unique among the pile driving technologies.

Main advantages of the machines include: lack of pollution and vibration, low noise, quick working process, high quality of the pile foundations.

Unique features:

Unique design of clamping mechanism - the newest technology, which allows individual adjusting of each clamp. This will ensure the tight contact with a pile and help to avoid damaging it during work.

Advanced technology of side pile driving has an improved quality compared to classic methods of side pile driving using attached equipment. It has about 60-70% of power and working efficiency of usual method.

New automatic system for fuel delivery in the cylinder in the case of leakage. Ensures high reliability and quality of the working process.

Pressure control system - maintains stable pressure in the system, eliminates pressure surges, ensuring safety during work.

Movement and lubrication mechanism - new unique design eases lubricating process for ensuring stable performance of the machine.

Hydraulic system with uninterrupted oil flow - ensures high efficiency of pile driving process and work of every mechanism of the machine.

Base structure of pile pressing machine:

Pile platform - main part of the machine. Located in the center of the rig and used for clamping pile for further work.

Equipment for side piling. Cylinders and clamps can be moved to a side part of the machine. After switching the hydraulic system you can start side piling process.

Undercarriage - used for movement and rotating the machine. Consists of four cylinders and bars for connecting cylinders to base machine and piston rods. Adjusting cylinders regulates machine movement.

Crane - installed on the base machine and mostly used for raising and lowering piles, loads and some parts of the machine. Its structure is similar to an automobile winch and consists from arm, winch, rotary system and hydraulic drive.

Additionally we provide spare parts and consumables for pile pressing machines from brands: JOVE, SUNWARD, Starke, T-Works.

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