Hydraulic Hammers

We are presenting to you hydraulic hammers of Chinese manufacturer Yongan Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hydraulic pile hammers use pressure of the oil in hydraulic system to move the impact block. Double-action hammers use both the pressure and gravity force.

Hydraulic hammers are valued due to their environmental friendliness, as they don't have emissions and equipped with a noise absorbing pile cap. They are typically used during work at water bodies, environmentally protected areas, industrial facilities, etc.


Light hydraulic hammers are used for driving piles by percussion method.

Hammers in thes section are mountable on most pile drivers, as well as crawler cranes and excavators.

There are several conditions which should be taken into account to find a suitable hammer: base machine, type of driven pile, working conditions, etc.

Striking Part Weight, t
3 5 8
Max. Strike Force, kNm 24 60 120
Strikes Per Minute
50 — 100 40 — 100 38 — 90
Max. Striking Part Flow, mm 800 1 200 1 500
Dimensions, mm 4020х900х1060 5150х900х1060  6140х976х1190
Weight Without Pile Cap, kg 5 800 8 500 12 000
Recommended Hydraulic Station 120P 180P 260P

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Hydraulic Stations
Sea Water Pile Hammers

HM seies hydraulic hammers are designed for work on sea water.
This series of hammers is double-action. After raising of the impact block it reaches high impact power due to a combination of potential energy from gravity force as well as elastic energy of compressed hydrogen.

Double-action hydraulic pile hammer is categorized as a light hammer, distinguished by low weight and high speed of its strikes.

The hammer is powered by a hydraulic system. Compared to the traditional diesel hammers, they got lower noise and pollution levels, as well as a high energy efficiency. Power supply unit uses an efficient and powerful engine with low emissions level. Special technology allows for emitting a low amount of noise, compliant with environmental regulations. Smart control system can assist in operating the hammer and adapt to working conditions, allowing for saving energy.

Hydraulic hammer uses an advanced control system with a microcomputer. Working parameters of the hammer may be configured according to current conditions. For example, it could be configured for maximum striking energy and optimal angle.

Programmable controller and sensor are designed for stable work and reinforced to protect them from impact.

Hydraulic pump, valve and oil cylinder are made using high quality components, guaranteeing a high level of vibration absorbtion, protection from impact, wear and high reliability.

Pressure accumulator has compact design and high reliability.

The hammer is suitable for various pile driving purposes, not just driving them into the soft ground. There are multiple configurations availiable for specific conditions and construction methods.

Pile caps can be easily replaced, allowing for selecting a suitable cap for specific pile. Power and frequency of strikes may be adjusted at any time to suit geographical conditions and pile material.

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